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Thanks for your interest to join The Pothole Man's certified network of Asphalt & Concrete Repair Experts. In order to refer your company to municipalities, contractors, and others who contact The Pothole Man for referrals, you will need to complete the business credentialing process through our partnership with ProfileGorilla, the experts in Service Provider Credentialing. Simply follow the instructions below and we will pay the first year $150 annual fee, which you will be responsible for after beginning year two. In the meantime, ProfileGorilla will help you organize and 3rd party verify your business credentials making you a more attractive resource option for customer referrals.


  1. Fill Out your details in the questionnaire below.
  2. ProfileGorilla will send you an email confirming receipt of submission.
  3. ProfileGorilla will follow up with you via email and/or phone if any items are missing.
  4. ProfileGorilla will submit Certificate of Insurance renewal updates directly to your Agent in the future when your Certificates expire, copying you in the process.
    1. General Liability (GL) Insurance — A minimum of $1,000,000 in GL coverage is required.
    2. Workers Compensation (WC) Insurance — A minimum of $100,000 per occurrence / $500,000 aggregate, or State Minimum Requirements in WC coverage is required.
    3. Performance Bond(s) — Optional to provide a copy of any performance bonds your company carries.
  5. ProfileGorilla will send you an email confirmation of completion of your credentials review and compliant status when finished.
  6. After that, you will be Live and available in Pothole Man's referral network.
  7. To complete this process, you will need .pdf copies of your W9, General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Certificates, and optionally, any bonds or licenses you would like to provide.

You can contact ProfileGorilla for support at PotholeMan@profilegorilla.com or 855-464-6745, between 9am — 5pm Eastern Standard Time.


Please fill out the questions below, upload required attachments, and click the submit button to complete the process.

Profile Information

Business Name

We need the below information so we can either enable your Account for background check ordering or to upgrade your Account to our PreQual+ Solution and on-board you for a Client.

For more information on our PreQual+ Solution, Click Here

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Thanks for submitting your application to be a part of the Pothole Man referral network.

ProfileGorilla will be processing your application and follow up with you regarding any additional information needed and to confirm when you are compliant. The process usually takes 1 – 2 business days to complete.

You can contact ProfileGorilla for support at PotholeMan@profilegorilla.com or 855-464-6745, between 9am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time.